Levar Fisher | More Than A Pro

Levar Fisher is an awarded college athlete who became a successful pro. Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and later playing for the New Orleans Saints – captaining not one – but both NFL teams, and now taking a leadership role to the stage as a sought-after motivational speaker.

Levar has authored two youth books. His latest campaign inspired, F.R.E.E.Z.E. Think About It (on sale here), Levar breaks down each letter of the acronym into stories and real-life lessons from his own personal experiences, as well as those of current celebrities and youth nationwide. This campaign and book is so impactful that Levar’s book was endorsed by Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks, NBA 2011 World Champions and George Willborn, Comedian and Co-Host for the Michael Baisden Show. The foreword was provided by speaker and best-selling author of Chicken Soup for American Idol Soul, Debra Poneman.

His other book, Hold On To Your Dreams, is the true story of Levar Fisher, his personal experiences of being bullied as a child, and the bad decisions that could have changed his life. He openly shares how he learned from his mistakes, and how he used being bullied as his motivation. In this humorous but heartfelt read, Levar encourages the youth to hold on to their dreams and challenges them to never let go!

Surprisingly, Levar’s rise to the top isn’t because he hasn’t made mistakes…but because he has made them…and has learned how to channel them into positives.

As an Academic All-American, Levar encourages youth to make academics their most important priority and to pursue and achieve their dreams. His programs and interactions with the students has become a proven and effective measuring tool for students’ progress. More importantly, the programs are designed to help them succeed not only in the classroom but in everyday life.